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Ingri Fiksdal Diorama

Del av vandreforestillingen The Tale rundt Torbay i East Devon

With the Diorama performance series, Ingri Fiksdal stages particular views of natural and urban landscapes in various cities and contexts. The word diorama means, “through that which is seen”, from the Greek di- “through” + orama “that which is seen, as sight”.

In the Diorama performances, Fiksdal uses choreography as a lens, through which se alters or interferes with a particular view and its context. This choreographic staging is what produces the artificialness or the dioramic aspect to what would otherwise be an ordinary urban and natural landscape.

In the first Diorama performance, Fiksdal will stage the view from an outdoor swimming pool, out over the sea and the horizon in the fishing village Brixham in England. The piece is part of the project The Tale, a public art event that is produced by the UK arts organization Situations. For The Tale a group of internationally renowned artists are commissioned to produce new imaginative forms of public artworks for the coastal landscape and urban areas of Torbay borough in South Devon, England. The project culminationg in a presentation on three weekends in September 2017.

In Diorama, the staging thematically deals with how Brixham as part of the area Torbay is already staging itself as something that is not (The English Riviera).

Ingri Fiksdal, Koreograf, Konsept
Harald Andreas Beharie, Medskapende utøver
Rannei Grenne, Medskapende utøver
Pernille Holden, Medskapende utøver
Louis Schou-Hansen, Medskapende utøver
Jeffrey Young, Medskapende utøver
Jens Martin Hartvedt Arvesen, Medskapende utøver
Rosalind Goldberg, Medskapende utøver
Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal, Medskapende utøver
Julie Moviken, Medskapende utøver
Eivind Seljeseth, Medskapende utøver
Magdalene Solli, Medskapende utøver
Venke Marie Sortland, Medskapende utøver
Jenny Hval, Musikk
Lasse Marhaug, Musikk
Eva Grainger, Produsent
Nicole Schuchardt, Produsent

16.04.20201230 DDD Festival, Porto  AVLYST
17.04.20201230 DDD Festival, Porto  AVLYST
18.04.20201230 DDD Festival, Porto  AVLYST
22.04.20201900 Chocolate Factory, New York  AVLYST
23.04.20201900 Chocolate Factory, New York  AVLYST
24.04.20201500 Chocolate Factory, New York  AVLYST
28.04.20201500 DDD Festival, Porto  AVLYST
29.04.20201500 DDD Festival, Porto  AVLYST
06.05.20201500 Tou, Stavanger  
07.05.20201500 Tou, Stavanger  

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