Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Norway National Gugak Center (Sør-Korea) Munch Meets Pyungnyu

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In celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Norway and Korea, the Korean Embassy in Norway and the National Gugak center present "Munch Meets Pyungnyu ".

The term “Pyungnyu,” contains a wide range of meaning; usually understood as referring to something of dignity, love of nature, understanding of music, appreciation of art and style, composure, a freewheeling lifestyle or simply something enjoyable.

The performances will narrate the universal human pursuit of art, freedom and joy through a happy encounter between Korea’s traditional music and the art of Edvard Munch, one of the greatest Norwegian painters with a global fandom.

The National Gugak Center has been the primary institution to perform and perpetuate traditional music that has been enjoyed for more than one thousand years, with performance groups specializing in Folk Music, a Court Music Orchestra, Dance Theater, and a Contemporary Gugak Orchestra.

On the program for the evening are dances such as Cheonnyeonmanse, a Buddist Monk Dance, Suryongeum, and Dance of the Spring Nightingale.

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