RIFF (R.E.D. International Film Festival) arrangeres for andre gang 28. og 29. juli på Nyland gård, Eina. Det lyses nå ut en open call for filmer på 1 - 15 minutters lengde. Maks to filmer pr deltaker. Frist: 30. april

Open call for dance and movement-related films between 1 and 15 minutes. A creator can submit up to 2 films.
There is no fee to participate, however the creator or who submits the film needs to declare to owe all rights of the film.
Application form can be found at http://www.riff-festival.com/submission.html
Deadline: 30th April. The program will be announced in May.

About RIFF:
RIFF is based at R.E.D. (Residency Eina Danz), which is an international, national and regional arena for arts and culture, running with a full year residency program, production house and stage for dance, film, art and interdisciplinary cultural expressions, located at Nyland farm in Eina, Norway. One hour and twenty minutes from Oslo.
RIFF’s mission is to show films that have a strong element of movement and dance, including interdisciplinary expressions such as screen dance, art films, short films and full feature films.
RIFF is looking for films which have strong elements of movement and dance, trying to include interdisciplinary expressions.

The festival call for films with opened meanings and universal contents, ranging from abstract to strong narrative elements, from experimental, poetic to action driven, having different styles, but always composed with solid visual elements.
For more information, visit www.riff-festival.com or facebook.com/events/1521375544547547