wpZimmer er et internasjonalt arbeidssted for kunstnere, med fokus på performance, dansekunst og hybride kunstneriske praksiser. Organisasjonen er opptatt av behovene til kunstnerne, deres ønske om å forske og skape og utviklingen av deres praksiser. De tilbyr residens i perioden juli-desember 2021. Søknadsfrist er 24. juli.


    You are an artist, cultural worker, activist, researcher, collective,… with a project, an idea, a research question.
    You need time and space for artistic development or research
    You need conversations and exchange
    You are open to sharing your work or questions with others
    For you the process is as important as the result, and you look for other ways of doing
    You are interested in engaging with wpZimmer, its team, its history, its environment, its future

wpZimmer is interested in a diversity of artistic practices, languages and backgrounds.
wpZimmer stimulates solidarity, care and dialogue.
wpZimmer encourages experimentation that challenges the underlying conditions of working and managing contemporary art.


– A residency between 2 to 3 weeks

2021 dates:
Residency block 1: 19th of July until October 3rd
Residency block 2: 18th of October until December 31st

Please state your preferred residency block or available dates in the application form.

– wpZimmer has the following workspaces:

    large polyvalent studio (17m x 18m) with technical equipment
    small multifunctional space
    technical workshop
    large atelier (when not used as a bed-room)

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