Foto: Darko Dragicevic

Siri Jøntvedt Martin Sonderkamp (Tyskland) A Collective Body

Tired of constantly inventing new, optimized and virtual self-portrayals for social media and professional networks, Siri Jøntvetd and Martin Sonderkamp interviewed friends and colleagues about how they perceived the two in a pre-digitalized world, beyond social media. The documentaries of these interviews are the starting point for A Collective Body, in which the two choreographers, together with visual artist Darko Dragicevic and musician  Øyind B. Lyse, trace the gaps between the interstitial spaces of fragmentary memories with poetic objects, artificial fur, low-fi audio, text and choreography.

Støttet av Norsk Kulturråd og Fond For Lyd og Bilde

Siri Jøntvedt, Koreograf, Utøver
Martin Sonderkamp, Koreograf, Utøver
Øyvind Borgmoen Lyse, Musikk
Darko Dragicevic, Billedkunstner

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