Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, MA koreografi MA choreography: work in process showings

The masterstudent are inviting the public in to share their current artistic research towards their final MA performance works. There will be individual sharing of material and opportunities for feedback with the audience.

Kyuja Bae:
In the presentation of pre-research, Kyuja Bae explores how the dance of daily actions transforms as a dance art by using the method of Contemplative scores in collaboration with Simen Korsmo Robertsen, Carl Joseph Santos Aquilizan, Ann Kristin Holte, Jasmina Sinadinovic and Katarina Skår Lisa.

Katarina Skår Lisa:
In relations to her pre master project «Gift of Stone» Katarina Skår Lisa has made an choreographic enquiry between textiles, photography and landscape. This period has worked as preparations for a longer fieldwork in Várjjat/ Varanger in 2019, which will result in the final master project, in collaboration with several other artists involved.

Thomas Talawa Prestø:
DE MAN DEM reveals the complexity of carving out a self-defined identity as a black Caribbean male in urban Norwegian society. DE MAN DEM seeks to interrogate these narratives by representing a nuanced spectrum of black Caribbean manhood in a racially and politically charged world.
In this sharing Thomas will show video of some interviews taken as background material and mapping, that will feed into the work.

Otto Ramstad:
Otto Ramstad’s work Lineage combines the learning practices of experimental dance and somatic work, and ‘artistic geneology’: a creative interaction with his Norwegian ancestors and the ways that their lives have been recorded, as a way to learn about his Norwegian cultural heritage, which has been previously invisible to him. Lineage combines dance, storytelling and video and in this sharing Ramstad wants to pay attention to the way that the audiences presence and movement work in the stage space and investigate how to move the audiences attention through video, light and the performers movement through space as a way to gain material with which to choreograph the space.

Project leader: Professor Amanda Steggell

Gratis billetter: event.khio.no/dans

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