DansiS arrangerer en 2-dagers workshop med Aaron Vickers helgen 7. og 8. desember kl.1000-1400 i Speilet i Atelierhuset på Tou. Påmelding kreves.

Om Aaron Vickers og workshopen:
Over the last few years I have spent much of my spare time researching more and more into movement training and the conditioning required to enable dancers to grow. This has seen my classes and workshops evolve to be focused around conditioning the body for what it is asked to do when working with choreographers. I use a lot of tasks and challenges aimed at bringing awareness to the body challenging its stability and mobility and bringing attention to different ways to warm up and condition the body

This then develops towards an energetic floor work class, focusing on transferring weight, creating space in the body and looking into ways of using the floor to facilitate movement. Starting using gravity and using a horizontal state to mobilise the spine and find length in the body, drawing upon ideas and pathways used when standing and the similarities when transferring them to the floor.

This focus develops around a fast, dynamic yet technically detailed movement quality with an emphasis on where movement begins. Using efficient methods of moving to enable us to transition to and from the floor, preparing the body to develop strength and power and challenge new extremes when moving through space.

Pris for workshopen:
Ved påmelding innen 01.12.19: kr 240
Ved påmelding etter 01.12.19: kr 300

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