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Makurumbandi Dance (MAKUDA) søker produsent

Fra Tendai Makurumbandis forestilling «Dis(placed) Shadows». Fotograf: Tendai Makurumbandi

Makurumbandi Dance (MAKUDA) søker en produsent på prosjektbasis som kan være med på å utvikle kompaniet og dens prosjekter. Kompaniet er grunnlagt av danser/koreograf Tendai Makurumbandi og har base i Kristiansund.

Søknadsfrist er 9. desember.

Person Specification:
-Minimum three years of experience in producing and managing projects
-Experience of budget creation and management
-Good communication skills (face to face, telephone and written), including an ability to listen and promote open discussion
-Commitment to Equality and the Creative Case for Diversity
-Knowledge and practical experience of working with diverse artists/colleagues
-Empathetic, willing to help and collaborative attitude
-Calm, supportive, rational and sensible, caring, easy going and nurturing personality

It is not necessary but would be beneficial for the producer to:
-Have good industry connections
-Be able to maintain websites
-Have experience in producing dance projects and touring projects across Norway and abroad.
-Be knowledgable of legal aspects of management – contracts, copyright, insurance, health and safety, visa applications

To apply:
Please send your CV and motivation letter to,
Applications deadline: Friday 9. December 2022