Etter å ha jobbet som danser i Carte Blanche i 6 år har Simbarashe Norman Fulukia, aka Simba, bosatt seg og etablert Bømlo DansLab, på Bømlo. Danseinformasjonen har stilt ham 3 spørsmål.

Av Marianne Albers

1) Hvorfor valgte du å etablere Bømlo DansLab?
Bømlo DansLab (BDL) is an outreach program of Bergen Afro Arts Festival (BAAF) in partnership with Bømlo kommune. BAAF is western Norways inaugural and largest African festival for Dance, Community and Culture guided by the philosophy of UBUNTU (I am because you are)*. BDL also hosts the pre-BAAF festival each year before the festival’s content is exported to Bergen.

There are several reasons why BDL was established;


1. After being in Norwegian dance scene for 10 solid years. I have observed mostly that Dance Arts as a profession exists ONLY in big cities and that DANCE is presented mostly were dance activities are popular. Leaving DANCE arts vulnerable/as a substitute, just for FUN activity to babysit kids whilst parents are at work in most of villages/cities around Norway.

2. Dance arts voice and Bømlo DansLab is what was missing in Bømlo

3. There is a significant lack of opportunity for professional dancers and their development in Bømlo-Sunnhordland.

4. Bømlo community have good infrastructure for dance and has ambition to develop in Dance arts if given the opportunity.

5. Bømlo would like to have more Dance activities to attract young people to dance and become professional dancers. Youths living in Bømlo do not actively participate in Dance and they don’t see dance as a profession.

6. There is no more dance arts activities after kulturskule for youth to develop into the dance world as professional dancers from Bømlo.

7. Bømlo kommune supports the initiative

8. I came to Norway as a dance exchange student and I believe I am still the same student learning through dance arts. I am a former KHiO student (2006-2009), Carte Blanche dancer (2009-2015) and I would like to spread the philosophy of UBUNTU (I am because you are) through dance arts, opening pathways for Bømlo which never had the fully opportunity to experience the art and power of movement. I strongly believe that dance arts is an instigator for Bømlo island/regional development.

9. The Bømlo DansLab Pilot project was a great success  in 2014, were I Simbarashe, who conceptualize and shepherd the residency, held workshops and collaborated with local and international guest professional dancers in Bømlo to test the concept. The residency ended up with a performance namely “NGUVA” by Simba Arts/Simba Dance Ensemble (S.I.D.E).

2) Hva kan Bømlo DansLab tilby innbyggerne på Bømlo?
BDL will offers and promote dance as a profession, form of art bringing cultural and artistic awareness to the community through dance concerts, classes, workshops and discussions related to dance.

3) Hvilken visjon og misjon har du med Bømlo DansLab?
The mission is;

1. To expose, celebrate dance arts, promote collaboration, integration, and develop the dance scene in Bømlo-Sunnhordland 

2. To offer national & international young graduates from professional dance trainings (mostly Norwegian based) and professional freelancers a platform to share, explore, engage with various dancers/artists, audiences, through workshops, teaching, outreach activities, create and present work in close proximity to wild nature as well as offering professional development, networking opportunities and to be inspired by various local resources, events, circumstances and last but not least – Bømlo people.

3. To offer space/studio time and also responsible for accommodation and looking after the welfare of dancers during their stay, promoting cultural exchange and ensuring safety of artists. 

4. To invite Norwegian local and international young choreographers to create and help develop/nature young professional dancers to acquire the experience to enter the dance world as mature/competitive dance artists 

5. To help develop and promote contemporary /dance culture.

To cultivate and strengthen cultural values, promoting Excellency and innovation in dance. 

6. To come up with programs that develops dance and dance related programmes within schools, communities, regionally and internationally. 

7. To encourage and foster dance arts for young people and by young people. 

Bømlo DansLab vision is to be an UBUNTU driven largest residency program in Hordaland region/nationally promoting collaboration & integration through dance arts.

Dance allows us to celebrate and explore our differences through the freedom and liberation of movement. In light of our changing world I feel its imperative humans become resourceful with strategies to deal with differences. I believe  the arts are critical in shaping values that reflect society. BDL exists as an enabling vibrant residency program, by which all producers of culture, performing artists may develop, promote, perform their works - Simbarashe Norman Fulukia

*UBUNTU is an African Philosophy which means «I am because you are/Humanity to others» (vi er gjensidig og avhengig av hverandre).

Portrettfoto: Simbarashe Norman Fulukia
Simbarashe Norman Fulukia har jobbet som danser i Carte Blanche fra 2009 – 2015 og har blant annet en bachelorgrad i moderne- og samtidsdans fra Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.

Bømlo DansLab har base i Bømlo Kulturhus.
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